Top Masturbation Devices To Use When Watching Live Sex Shows

Why should women be the only people who enjoy pleasure with dildos? There are plenty of sex toys for men than you would imagine and its the best time to shine whether with your partner or alone. Sex toys for men are available in different sizes, shapes, and design. In fact, there are lifelike masturbators, strokers, penis pumps, and prostate sex toys. Therefore, are you looking for the most excellent sex toys to increase the size of your penis, improve your bedroom performance or just to give you pleasure? Well, here are the top male sex toys for 2018 that are designed to offer the best results.

Fleshlight masturbator


Fleshlight is the top best selling men sex toy. It has an aerodynamic external and a bumpy inside to accelerate your orgasm. It is one of the most carefully designed male masturbators and has a smooth texture with a non-anatomical hole that allows your mind to go wild every time you use it. Also, it has a different feeling in the inner sleeves that imitate the feel of the birth canal for faster stimulation hence increased pleasure. The toy is soft, the bumpy channel is tight just like the vagina, and has a base that is twisted to allow you to masturbate using all types of suctions. Furthermore, it is light and small hence convenient to those who travel regularly.


The Autoblow 2


The Autoblow 2 is among the first worlds sex toy machine that is fully automated hence you don’t require manual interaction with the device for you to reach climax. The top surface of the toy has a gap that consists of oily smooth rubber. Also, the interior part has lengthy microbeads that are designed to reach 15cm of your manhood. The rings move up and down the penis hence providing the same feelings that one gets during the foreplay. The device has a soft silicone sleeve that is interchangeable and offers deep throat feelings.

The importance of the Autoblow 2 is that the controller allows you to monitor the feeling it gives out. Therefore, if it’s moving at a higher speed and you find yourself unable to control the pleasure, just slow down the process with the help of a switch. By so doing, you will understand to stop the climax and keep the feeling going for a long time. Furthermore, the device requires no batteries, you just connect it to any power source and allow it to perform its function. We consider it to be the best blowjob machine for 2018.


Thrust Pro Mini Realistic Pocket Pussy


Lea pocket pussy is designed just like the real vagina. It has enticing lips and tight and robust canal for you to insert your penis and experience the complete pleasure, and then bring out your feelings to the climax. The pussy offers you with an intense orgasm with only one thrust. In fact, its features plus ribbed interior hole provides you with great pleasure. Besides, the toy is always small and water-resistant.


Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly


Fuck Me Silly is one of the most excellent male sex toys that have a lifelike vagina and a group of tits to have fun with while enjoying the pleasure. It is consist of a tight and open canal ready to receive your manhood. It also has the trunk of a woman with breasts. This sex toy is the best and will raise your temperature immediately you penetrate it. You can ejaculate inside her canal or choose to do it on her tits. The double birth canals do not vibrate or get hot; instead, they consist of ribbed sensation. The machine allows you to experience intense orgasm when used with a lubricant, thanks to the brand because it offers you with free oil and also the cleaner.
Just like any other male sex toys, the Lea pussy comes with the lubricant. Therefore, ensure you apply on it before using for better results.


Lelo Billy Rechargeable prostate toys


Lelo Billy is the male sex toys that are meant for prostate because of their smaller as compared to other sex toys. The toy is 3.5 circumference, four insertion length, ergonomic shape, and five vibration design. The sex toy is designed to strike the prostate, therefore, how it performs its function is simple: Insert the machine in your manhood so that the sex toy faces your stomach, ensure to lubricate the device. Once you’re in the right position, adjust the intensity and vibration settings to fit your preferences.





Loki Wave sex toys


It is the perfect sex toy that offers intense sensations through two correctly placed motors for continuous perineum and prostate massage. It provides eight vibrating settings that are adjustable; this allows one to get the correct level that fits him. The waves from the machine create sexual interest movement for the great massage. Lelo wave also has smooth silicone surface that circles the anus while vibration clings the stomach hence intense feeling.





Hydrotherapy penis sex pump


The sex toy is one of the most popular penis pumps that can be used as water or vacuum based machine. It’s the most efficient device for penis enlargement especially if filled with water. The toy not only raises your penis erection but also enhances its general health. Its easier to use, just pour water into the sex pump, remove, and maximize the pressure for some time. Use it while bathing for faster removal of water and with repeated use, you will immediately notice the difference in penis size as well as erection. In fact, the sex toys are safe and useful with best reviews from customers.

Tenga flip hole sex toys


It’s another perfect sex machine that every man should try out. The toy offers strong feelings from a deepthroat sex to full process. It is also made to resemble innocent moisturizer for men or deodorant bottles. Furthermore, the inside of the hole has ultra smooth silicone with nodules and ridges mainly for teasing and tickling the penis. While using it, insert your manhood into the hole, there are three main buttons on the cover to distinguish several actions at different points along the flip hole. The device always comes with lubricant, ensure you apply it for better results.

Therefore, some of the most significant men sex toys are the ones that you can use to enhance your performance in bed while others act as the best devices for masturbation, the tip that makes them exciting and instills curiosity in men to learn more about them. Hence, sex toys should not act as a source of shame in your life, in fact, see them as tools for power because they create a more impressive and healthy sex life.